20 questions which you absolutly need answered

1. Why should I source from China?

China’s development over the past several decades has increased its technological manufacturing abilities beyond many other developed countries. Usually the best products to source are ones that require custom fabrication and procedures or well established products with high volume.

2. What kind of services do you offer?

We are able to put an individual service package together. Basically we can organize the PRODUCT SELECTION and price negotiations. Further, we offer the QUALITY & FACTORY CONTROL and organize the best TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTIC SOLUTION for you. We take care about the formalities concerning CLEARANCE & TAX and offer some individual EXPERT SUPPORT.

3. Which type of products am I able to order?

Through our strong anchorage in the Chinese market and our broad customer portfolio, we have access to an established network of manufactures. This gives us the opportunity to offer an extensive product portfolio which includes electronics, building materials, packaging & promotional materials, textiles, bags, shoes, sports equipment and many other categories. Not only standard products can be organized by us. We are also able to tailor product solutions (such as machinery components) according to a plan.

4. Why should I use MyShipper?

You can ask hundreds of people who have tried to go to China themselves that they always meet troubles due to language barriers, cultural barriers and an understanding of the manufacturing process in China. MyShipper has local staff on the ground in China with established networks and teams ready to expedite specific sourcing needs. We have years of experience in sourcing a vast range of products from machinery to food.

5. How do you ensure that the price was optimal negotiated?

Depending on the product, quantity, complexity and urgency we are obtaining reference offers from several manufacturers. This enables us to give you an adequate price range for the desired goods. It is our standard that we involve at least 3 producers for an inquiry into the price negotiations.

6. How is quality assured?

On one hand our local experts check the internal quality control of factories. On the other hand they personally ensure that the final products meet the definition. If there are any discrepancies they can take influence so that production will be adjusted. If errors occur in products, items will be replaced or reproduced. That’s how we ensure you receive the expected and payed quality.

7. How is the company positioned geographically?

My Shipper has offices in Australia, China and Switzerland. These offices are led by founding members of the company. The Swiss activities are guided by the two local founders Marc Bolliger and Manuel Eppert. Our offices are located in the German speaking area of Switzerland at central locations. This allows us to be with you.

8. Where is my contact and how can we communicate?

Your contact person is fluent in German and English and is located in Switzerland. If necessary, you can meet him/her physically, or simply communicate via email or phone. Your contact takes care of the coordination with our office in China and advises you in all matters. This person is your ‘single point of contact’ and ensures continuously communication with you.

9. Do you have your own employees in China?

Yes. In our own office in the industrial city of Guangzhou (China), our experts have an extensive network and experience in the Chinese market. Our staff ensures quality control and provides the documentation of the production if required. This includes images and texts of any production process in a factory. All our employees in Guangzhou are fluent in English and Mandarin / Cantonese.

10. How do you ensure that my job is executed diligently?

We are happy to explain at a first consultation our operations. Depending on your required service an explanation depth will vary. Basically, we handle all information very open to be able to offer maximum transparency.

11. Will we receive all details of the production facility?

Transparency is very important to us and the success of a sustainable partnership with you. Therefore, we document any individual production step as well as the quality control process. At any time you are more than welcome to visit our production experts in China.

12. Are you pledge at any factories?

No. We have no contracts or special agreements with factories. Our main priority is to deliver the highest quality at a reasonable price to our customers. Therefore, factories which have delivered us successfully in the past are preferred. Nevertheless, new suppliers are assessed and taken into account for a possible product manufacturing in the future.

13. How do you transport goods which less than a container load correspond?

Of course there is always the possibility of a smaller order. Here will be calculated by us if an airfreight it’s worth or whether you can run through an organization with a collecting container.

14. Can you recommend a tactic to protect Intellectual property?

There is no general answer since such rights are limited by states and contracts. Existing patents and intellectual property must previously be analysed with our legal advisors in order to evaluate an expansion. However, such details are documented very precise in contracts with the factories.

15. Are there minimum order quantities?

It depends on the product and the value. Generally generic items will require MOQ’s while custom high value items will not.

16. How do you sample?

It depends on the product. If you have a product that needs to be replicated it is a good idea to send a sample to China, MyShipper can handle this no matter how big the sample. Sometimes suppliers might have existing product that suit your needs and they can send samples or our local expert can investigate on your behalf.

17. How much will it cost to produce prototypes?

This depends entirely on the manufacturer and the product. Some manufacturers provide this free of charge while others charge it initially. With prices in the range of double production costs usually with a refund after an order and production is placed.

18. Will I have to fly to China?

This is a choice that is up to you. Our staffs will thoroughly document, photograph and video the entire sourcing process so often there is a need. However, should the project be very technical and to save time and shipping costs some clients prefer to fly to China for a few days to finalize samples before mass production starts.

19. How long does it take for our product to arrive?

A production in general takes 30 days. The transport duration opts due to air or sea way. Calculate 60 consecutive days for sea freight so that you are on the safe side. Airfreight deliveries are possible within 2 weeks.

20. How do I have to pay?

There a number of options ranging from paying through MyShipper trust account or directly to suppliers. These are details that are dependent on your case and how much of the supply chain you would like MyShipper to handle.

It’s one thing to source a product at a competitive price, but it’s another
to source a certified product that meets your exact requirements.