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In China, you can find a supplier for almost anything, however finding the right one is not easy. Not only are there thousands of suppliers to choose from, but you will need to verify them and assess each factory’s pricing, lead times, product quality and prior track record. This can be very problematic, especially if you can’t get around the language barrier.
MyShipper enables you to source the right products at the best prices, saving you time, money and all the hassle that comes with importing.


Sourcing products overseas can dramatically reduce costs and can enable you to find better quality products for less than you might think. Most businesses already buy quality products from China, however most don’t even realise because they are too far down the supply chain. MyShipper can help cut out the supply so you can source direct with the manufacturer.


Every business has different needs when it comes to manufacturing. Whether you need a lot of the same product or large variety of products in small quantities, we can find a supplier and the appropriate shipping solution for you and your business.


Just because a supplier has a good website or their staff can speak English, doesn’t mean they are competent manufacturers. Selecting a supplier for these reasons can be a costly mistake. Ultimately a factory needs to be audited in person by a professional, who has experience of manufacturing, quality control and can verify if a factory has the correct certificates and licenses to manufacture and export products.  We have a large database of reputable suppliers, which enables us to source products quickly, get you the best price and ship direct to your door.



We check that suppliers have the relevant business licenses, export licenses and a reputable trading history.

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You may come across problems when dealing with the supplier and without the correct export license you may not be able to ship your order.


We oversee quality control in person and arrange samples to ensure you’re 100% happy that your specifications are met.

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If you don’t oversee quality control, no one on the ground is checking to ensure your products meet your quality and safety specifications.


We take care of door to door shipment, which includes making sure your products are packaged correctly before being dispatched.

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Inexperienced importers fail to consider packaging. This could cost you in the long run as some or all of you products could be damaged during shipment.

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