According to the recent implementation of a free trade agreement between Switzerland and China this improves mutual market access for goods and services in both countries. Not only Switzerland and China have signed a reciprocal agreement recently, also Australia belongs to the countries which maintain a partnership with China.

Based on the Australians’ situation Marc Bolliger and Manuel Eppert, the two Swiss living Down Under and the Australian Wang Su living in China founded the company MyShipper in Australia. Their goal was henceforth offer small and medium enterprises in Australia a better and more direct access to the Chinese market. It quickly became clear that many companies did manifest a need for this service. With many years of experience from other business activities Wang and his team in China, was able to build on an existing and long-standing supplier network. Marc brought his long term professional experience coming from management activities in the transport and logistics sector while Manuel could reinforce this constellation with his extensive business consultant expertise from finance and IT.

With a dedicated team MyShipper provides an easy, risk-free and efficient process to import high quality products directly from Chinese manufacturers. On account of MyShipper it is finally possible for Swiss companies to purchase products without the intermediate trade agents and wholesalers. This directly affects the customer in cost reduction without any loss of quality. The MyShipper service focuses on companies which do not have the necessary know-how, connections and resources to be able to procure from the Chinese market.

After Australian media became aware and published the three founders’ services in the late summer of 2015, the reputation of the Australian homepage increased significantly. Today the MyShipper Australia Team source all types of products to its Australian clients. The company SPG which is building flats and houses procure all its construction materials by MyShipper. After a successful start of MyShipper in Australia, it was time to move back to Switzerland in order to provide this “Gateway to China” service for Swiss companies. Now MyShipper employs a total number of over 10 staff within offices in Australia, China and Switzerland.


Marc Bolliger



Passion: He is really into trucks, ships and planes. Eager to solve any kind of logistical challenges and loves to eat Chinese dumplings.


Manuel Eppert

MA Financial Management / BA Business IT


Passion: He has an eye for every little detail whether in quality control or when it comes to numbers. As an avid sportsman he takes every challenge as a competition.


Ed Horwood
Director Office Australia



Passion: Takes fortunes on our business in the land of kangaroos and koalas. He is passionate and experienced business person who exactly knows how to translate our client’s needs into touchable solutions.


Wang Su
Director Office China



Passion: The man who can. He loves the daily challenge to find new products and suppliers for our clients while he is exploring the Chinese culture. As a Chartered Financial Analyst he is the expert when it comes to foreign currency and trade affairs.

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